[How to] Display file title on start & display time on seek

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[How to] Display file title on start & display time on seek

Postby BishamonXa » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:59 pm

This will require the use of the mpv engine on SMPlayer.

Having the title displayed on each video start is essential for one of my setups (PC connected to TV) where one can be lost in a playlist/folder.

The other part was showing textual seeking time instead of a bar because of that same TV setup, it was hard to read the remaining time on the floating bar from afar.

Go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced - Mplayer/mpv tab, then in the Options input field add:

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--no-osd-bar --osd-playing-msg=${=media-title:} --osd-duration=2000

--no-osd-bar: Disable display of the OSD bar. This will make some things (like seeking) use OSD text messages instead of the bar.

--osd-playing-msg: Show a message on OSD when playback starts.

--osd-duration: Set the duration of the OSD messages in ms (default: 1000. 1000 = 1 second).
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