How can I automatically virus-scan downloaded videos?

SMTube is a YouTube browser that can be used along with SMPlayer. Let's talk about it.

How can I automatically virus-scan downloaded videos?

Postby scott092707 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:57 am

From my browser (Firefox) I have Download Status Bar, one of whose options lets you enter the terminal command and options for whatever virus-scan application you have; thus whenever I download a video from the browser (right-click context menu item Save-Video-As from ProxFree), it gets scanned for viruses.

But using SMTube (sometimes necessary, when for some reason, ProxFree fails) the video is not downloaded through the browser, and the file is not automatically scanned.

Is there a way to have SMTube call a terminal command before showing (SMPlayer) or saving (wget, UGET, etc. ) a video - thus giving me the same ability to scan for viruses that I have from my browser?
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