SMTube 16.7.2 search failures and VPN problem

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SMTube 16.7.2 search failures and VPN problem

Postby farmerdave » Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:32 pm

SMTube 16.7.2 is behaving strangely of late. This morning I encountered two search failures.

First I searched for and got as the first result, not exactly what I searched for. In fact, the video I searched for didn't appear in the results list at all! At least the results were related to my search. When I clicked on the NEXT button to see more results, however, SMTube crashed and the window disappeared!

Second I searched for (Clinton Cash) and got (something about UFOs) as the ONLY result.

Youtube-dl was able to download both exact video IDs that SMTube could not find.

On top of these problems, SMTube doesn't seem to work through VPN service. When I launch SMTube with VPN running it never progresses beyond the 10% mark in the status bar. I'm pretty sure older versions of SMTube worked through VPN.

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Re: SMTube 16.7.2 search failures and VPN problem

Postby rvm » Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:30 pm

The search field is intended to search for words, not youtube URLs.

If you want to open a page in smtube with info about a specific video, first check that the toolbar is enabled in the menu View, and then type a URL like this in the location field:

About the VPN, I think this version doesn't have the code to use a proxy yet.
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