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Re: streaming with mpv and ytdl

Postby kmod » Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:15 pm

realnc wrote:
kmod wrote:Great finding. However, on my system (Ubuntu 14.04 + Smplayer 14.90 svn r6690) this works only if stream with mpv directly, but using "-ytdl-format=best,bestvideo+bestaudio" in Smplayer only plays 720p

You need to disable the internal smplayer youtube support and only enable the mpv streaming support in the network section in the preferences.

I did already. Did you get 1080p with Smplayer on Youtube using the option ytdl-format=best,bestvideo+bestaudio? I did only with mpv directly, but with Smplayer always get only 720p (but with ytdl-format=bestvideo+bestaudio on Smplayer I get 1080p, only that it gets error on other sites), so basically on my Smplayer "ytdl-format=best,bestvideo+bestaudio" is the same as "ytdl-format=best" Smplayer 14.90 svn r6690 on Ubuntu Linux.

EDITED: Works now! After removing ~/.config/Smplayer and reseting my preferences it works just like you said. :D
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Re: streaming with mpv and ytdl

Postby realnc » Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:28 pm


The correct format is:

Code: Select all

(I edited my previous post accordingly.)

A slash (/) must be used to specify alternatives. Using a comma has a different meaning altogether: it fetches ALL those formats. It's just that mpv would then play the last ones, that's why it appeared to work in reverse order.

Anyway, long story short, use a slash to specify alternative fallbacks in the correct order.
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Re: streaming with mpv and ytdl

Postby tedin » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:08 am is a good alternative to the old ytdl
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