Subtitle loss of sync after using time slider

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Subtitle loss of sync after using time slider

Postby steve01351 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:03 pm

I recently installed smplayer 16.9.0 on Xubuntu. After downloading the subtitle for the movie I was watching, I discovered that although the subtitle was synced fine when I started watching, if I used the time slider to jump forward all of a sudden the subtitle was quite a bit out of sync. Turning the subtitle off and then back on made no difference nor did restarting the video. I thought that might be a problem with Xubuntu, but I installed smplayer 16.9.0 on my Windows machine and it does the exact same thing. The only way (that I've found) of returning the sync is to download a different subtitle and then re-download the one I used in the first place. If anyone's got any idea on what could be causing this I'd love to hear. This DIDN'T happen on previous versions of smplayer (at least on Linux). Thanks

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