Changelog from version 0.8.6 to 14.3

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Changelog from version 0.8.6 to 14.3

Postby rvm » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:55 am

Version 14.3.0:

* (Windows) Try to catch multimedia keys sent by the appcommand

* If no file is opened, the Play option will play a file from the

* Possibility to automatically add other media files to the
the playlist when playing a file.

* New translation: British English.

* Add audio/aac, audio/flac, audio/ogg to smplayer.desktop and s

* Another workaround for opensubtitles.

* Add more media keys as shortcuts.

* Add the option 'Global audio equalizer' in preferences -> general
-> audio.
* (Windows) Now it's possible to open Windows shortcuts (symlinks).

* Add more presets to the audio equalizer.
* (Windows) Add an option in preferences -> subtitles to enable or
disable the use of the windows font directory.
Disabling this option prevents the annoying font scanning.

* Don't ignore the wheel event in the timeslider.
* Don't display the resolution of the video in the statusbar if the
width or height is 0.

* New option min_step for smplayer.ini (section [General]).
Sets the step value for the actions that increase or
decrease the volume, contrast, brightness...

* Add an option in preferences -> interface to set the time
to hide the floating control.

* Add the option "Show only when moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen"
in preferences -> interface -> floating control.

* Use -noflip-hebrew when using -ass. It seems to be necessary to
display arabic subtitles correctly.

* Add option for aspect ratio 11:8.

* (Experimental) Add an option in preferences -> advanced to use the
lavf demuxer by default.

* Add an option in preferences to enable or disable the delay of
the mouse left button.

* Avoid that the action for left button of the mouse is activated with a
double click.
* (Skingui) Update the volume control when mute is changed.

* Fix the option "Move the window when the video area is dragged".

(2013-11-06 - 2013-11-08)
* Add a basic support to play blurays.

* Add support for the mp4/m4a files downloaded by youtube-dl.
Now when opening a mp4 file, smplayer will check if there's a
file with the same name but extension m4a. In that case the m4a file
will be used as the audio.

This is intented to play the DASH format from Youtube, where the video and
audio are in separated files. The application youtube-dl can download
those files.

This feature can be turned off by setting autoload_m4a to false in
smplayer.ini (no option in the GUI yet).

Notice: you need a recent version of mplayer or mplayer2. With older
versions seeking don't work with these files.

(2013-10-30 - 2013-11-05)
* The control for fullscreen mode has been rewritten and improved.
Now it shows over the video (not reducing the video) in all

* (Skingui) Don't use a fixed size for the font of the menubar.
It can cause that the menu bar won't be visible with some fonts.

* (Windows) Apply patch for better screensaver disabling, by Vavooon

* Remove the "About Qt" option.

* Start to implement presets for the audio equalizer.

(2013-09-05 - 2013-10-03)
* Improve support for the encrypted signatures of Youtube.

(2013-08-29 - 2013-10-09)
* Adapt the code for Qt 5.
Note: the MpcGui is not available if compiled with Qt 5.
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