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Changelog from version 14.9 to 15.9

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:43 pm
by rvm
Version 15.9:

* (Qt 5) Fix YouTube (URL not found).

* Fix the openfolder icon in the favorites list.

* Use the DefaultGUI with the H2O theme as default.

* Apply patch to show the language in the subtitle display name.

* Possibility to compile without mplayer or mpv support.

* Apply patch by Wilbert Hengs (wstudios at xs4all dot nl).
It prevents the action for the left mouse button to run when
dragging the video window.

* Fix for video track in mpv.

* Update the links to the SMPlayer website.

* New YouTube code.

* Possibility to disable MPRIS2 in smplayer.ini (option use_mpris2).

* Fix volume when using softvol with newer versions of mpv.

* (Windows) Disable MPRIS2 with Qt 5.

* Reduce the time to activate the floating control from 500ms to 100ms.

* Add option for command-line: -media-title

* Fix thumbnail creation with newer versions of mpv.

* (mpv) Use --input-file=/dev/stdin instead of --slave-broken.

* Fix the audio and video bitrate info with newer versions of mpv.

* Apply patch to handle PTS rollover at MPEG-TS.

* Add a 3D stereo filter.

* Add support for MPRIS D-Bus Interface ( ... ec/latest/)
Based on a patch for smplayer2 ( ... df78.patch)
and a patch by WiseLord (viewtopic.php?p=11548#p11548)

* (mpv) Use the --sub-text-* options to set the style of the subtitles since
the option --ass-styles doesn't work anymore for this.

* Add the possibility to delete a file in the playlist from the filesystem.
Based on a patch by capt.d.:

* Add the possibility to use the mouse buttons for the actions
"next chapter" and "previous chapter".

* The kerndeint filter works with mpv.
* Changing the deinterlace filter doesn't restart mpv.

* Now the rotate filter doesn't restart mpv.

* The flip and mirror options don't restart mpv.
* The deblock, dering, denoise and phase filters don't restart mpv.

* The blur and sharpen filters don't restart mpv.

* Change the play/pause icon according to the player state in the default
and mini GUIs.

* Now the following filters don't restart mpv when they are turned on/off:
add black borders, gradfun, add noise and software scaling.

* New action show_time (assigned by default to key I). It shows the current
playback time, total time and percentage, for 2 seconds on the OSD.
* (Experimental) Now, if using mpv, the option to add black borders doesn't
restart mpv.

* Allow duplicate items in the playlist.

* Add new option in the playlist section in preferences:
"Play next file even if the previous file failed"
If the option is enabled, when a file fails to play (mplayer crashes or
exits with an error code), the playlist will play the next file in the

* Add an option in the toolbar editor to set the size of the icons.
(Currently it doesn't look good if you increase the size of the icons
in the skin gui).

* Add the options -ontop and -no-ontop for the command line.
They just change the "Stay on top" options in the preferences.

* Add a combobox in Preferences -> Performance to select the hardware
decoding option (mpv only).

* (mpv) Don't use the pp filter if it's not available

* Fix for Youtube.

* (Videopreview) Use -nofontconfig to prevent to create the font cache.

* New version of the installer, which offers the user the possibility
to install mpv (will be downloaded). By redxii.

* Add an option to change the size of the OSD.

* Add an option to enable or disable the internal Youtube support.
* Add an option to enable streaming sites (requires mpv and youtube-dl).

* (Windows) Replace / with \ in the screenshot folder name.
* Move the Youtube options from the performance section to the network

* Add the possibility to select a secondary subtitle track, which is
displayed on top of the screen. (mpv only)

* Add an option to disable the scroll of the title in the skingui.

* Replace the option 'Use SSA/ASS library' in the subtitles menu with
'Use custom style'.

* Add an option to go back one frame (frame_back_step). Only works with mpv.
* Add an option in Preferences -> General to set the template for screenshots
(works only with mpv).

* Add support for mpv.
It took 25 days. 6983 lines were changed.
It's not complete yet, some things may not work yet, but
I think the most important things work.
Notice: it requires mpv 0.6.2 or greater.
* During the process of adding support for mpv, the options to customize
the non ASS font were removed.
* Add the Albanian translation.
* Add Notes_about_mpv.txt.

* (Bugfix) Prevent to pass the filename twice to mplayer when using

* Add options in Preferences -> Network to set a proxy.

* (Qt 5) Fix the option pause when minimized.

* Open https URLs with ffmpeg://
* (Themes and skins) Now if the resource file (*.rcc) is not found
the images will be loaded from PNGs files, as in previous versions.
This will make easier for users to customize themes, since they
won't need to create the rcc files.