Changelog from version 15.11 to 16.1

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Changelog from version 15.11 to 16.1

Postby rvm » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:22 pm

Version 16.1:

* (mpv) Allow screenshots to work with hardware acceleration enabled.

* Add a shortcut for the add_bookmark action.
* Add icons for the bookmarks actions.

* (Qt5) Try to fix a problem when exiting from fullscreen and the option
to stay on top is set to "while playing".

* (Experimental) Simplify changing style and stylesheet.

* (Screenshots) Keep compatibility with older versions of mplayer.

* Fix for Youtube.

* (mpv) If the option --screenshot-directory is not available change
the working directory so that screenshots work.

* Add option 'Prevent window to get outside of screen' in
Preferences -> Interface.

* Update stayontop after entering and exiting the fullscreen mode.

* Don't auto center the window if there's no video.
* (mpv) Fix playback with -v

* Add the option 'Pass the -playlist option to MPlayer' to
Preferences -> Advanced.

* Simplify the code for previous and next chapter.
* Enable bookmarks.
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