Packages with chromecast support available for testing

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Packages with chromecast support available for testing

Postby rvm » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:40 am

There are some packages (for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE) here with chromecast support: ... e=smplayer

Users of Ubuntu and Debian must install the package webfs:
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sudo apt-get install webfs

(The rpm packages already include the webfs binary)

Webfs is a tiny web server that SMPlayer will run in order to serve local files to chromecast.

How to play a video on chromecast

Start to play a video in SMPlayer, then select the option Play -> Play on Chromecast. (You can stop playback in SMPlayer after that).

That will open a web page, which will get the URL of the video. This web page can communicate with your chromecast device. Connect/disconnect, start playback. There are also controls for play, pause, volume, seek...

Subtitles are not supported yet

Although SMPlayer will open the web page with your default web browser this will probably only work with google chrome and chromium.

Important: chromecast only supports a limited list of formats and codecs, so some type of videos (AVI's for example) won't play. Click here to see the list of supported media.

From version r8346 there's support for chromecast in the Windows packages.
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