Dual Monitors for 3D Viewing

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Dual Monitors for 3D Viewing

Postby foxpup » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:49 am

I'm one of those tech nerds out there who understands optics well enough to be dangerous. I have been using a matched pair of projectors aimed at the same rectangular area of a screen. Each has a polarizing filter that is 90 degrees off of the other's orientation. The screen has the feature of preserving polarized light when it reflects. I also have appropriate filter glasses. This setup works great in the Windows setup that I used to use. Since I have migrated to Ubuntu I have not been able to find any reliable software for feeding 3D video to two projectors. (one for each eye) I only recently discovered SMPlayer and it seems to be rock solid, even with 3D. There are lots of good display options but no dual monitor output, which is essentially a 3 monitor output with one control monitor and two video ones. It would be very cool if SMPlayer could be made to work with this. :D
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